Ideas for Passing the Time at Home Right Now

Published on 04/28/2020

Finding yourself stuck at home for whatever reason, can be a quick recipe for the madness to ensure or bad tempers to flare. It is natural to get a bit antsy after the first few days of vacation bliss pass. At first, you sleep in, enjoy big homemade meals, watch all your favorite TV shows, or have a Netflix movie binge, read a book, scroll through all your social media, but soon enough you may find yourself walking back and forth from the fridge and the couch, with the walls feeling closer than before. We have put together some great ideas to stop you from going mad, as well as possibly finding new interests and hobbies, that you can do from home or from the backyard. Depending on your mood, from board games to self-care to indoor gardening and organizing, there are endless amounts of fun things to do while stuck inside.

Ideas For Passing The Time At Home Right Now

Ideas For Passing The Time At Home Right Now


Play a board game

If you are not alone, then try switching off the TV and playing a board game that everyone can enjoy together.

Do An Epic Puzzle

When you have endless amounts of time, you can do an epic puzzle, alone or with others. You can start and stop as suits you, and completing a big puzzle feels great as well as taking your mind off the boredom.

Enjoy A Good Workout

You don’t need to go to the gym to enjoy a good workout. Just pull on your sports clothes, find a good workout video, and get your blood pumping. You could even try something new like yoga, Zumba, or kickboxing.

Enjoy A Good Workout

Enjoy A Good Workout

Write letters

Today hardly any of us write letters anymore. Although text messages and FaceTime definitely fills the void of being far from those we love, sometimes it is really special expressing yourself in long-form, and it is doubly special for those receiving the letter. Get some nice paper and spread love.

Learn Something New

This could be a new language or how to play an instrument (there are plenty of apps for this).

Try Out A New Recipe

On the subject of doing something new, this is the perfect time to try out a new recipe or bake a cake or some cookies.

Have A Good Dance Or A Singalong

Sometimes the best medicine for feeling low or trapped is just to have a good dance or a singalong. Put on your favorite music and shake that booty! Or put on some of your favorite Disney songs for some nostalgic singalong times.

Build a Fort

Kids are great at this, but even if you don’t have kids, embrace your inner child, and let the magic begin. Build a fort with the couch cushions or a couple of chairs and blankets, making yourself a fabulous wonderland.

Do Some Journaling Or Listen To A Guided Meditation

Escape to your fort to do some journaling or listen to a guided meditation by podcast or on YouTube. Or just shut your eyes and listen to a good podcast or TedTalk, where there are endless options to choose from.

Do A Face Mask

For a quick pick-me-up do a face mask. Don’t worry about having one at home as you can find some wonderful DIY recipes for these that you can choose according to what you want to target, such as dry skin, spots, or to brighten up a dull complexion.

Do All Those Little Tasks You Keep Putting Off

A perfect time to do all those little tasks you keep putting off, such as sorting through old bags, organizing your closet, shining the windows, or cleaning those corners in the kitchen and bathroom we don’t usually get to.