Creating Marvelous Skylines: Top 5 Architects You Should Know About

Published on 08/31/2022

All of us are witnessing significant development in terms of architecture. The primary factor behind these advancements is the lineup of brilliant architects working tirelessly on the designs. We also see a trend where most of these designs adopt an eco-friendly approach. The interiors are designed to be heavy on functionality, and almost every element in the space serves a dual purpose. Certain parts of the world boast of vibrant historical architecture, and these monuments come with such a unique design that they need no introduction. In history, we have read about some of the most prominent architects, and it’s time we discuss a few names that belong to our times. This blog will discuss the top 5 characters working on modern designs. Thanks to the sets, they can use top-notch machines to execute their strategies. Thanks to technological advancementsthout any further adieu, it’s time to dive deeper into the list of architects.

Creating Marvelous Skylines Top 5 Architects You Should Know About

Creating Marvelous Skylines Top 5 Architects, You Should Know About


Wilkinson Eyre Architects

The structure built by Wilkinson Eyre in 2012 won the title of the building of the year at the WAF. Located in Singapore, the architect has given the building name Gardens By The Bay. The design contains a pair of similar structures targeted to showcase the distinct nature of the two climate zones.

Steven Holl Architects

Various buildings this top-notch architectural designs, but the one that we will discuss today holds a significant unique design. The structure is dubbed a Linked Hybrid, a set of 8 towers connected using highrise passages. The system has several luxury residential apartments and gated townships in Beijing.

Morphosis Architects

The person behind the firm Thom Mayne has won the Pritzker award for his astonishing designs. The one structure with a unique design got a vast amount of recognition. The Perot Museum of Nature and Science, located in Dallas, is given a cubicle design except for an exposed glass escalator. This glass element will add a lot of character to the overall design.

J. Mayer H. Architects

The renowned architect is working on a wide range of projects, and the one that boasts quite a unique design was completed in 2011 in Spain. The structure is dubbed Metropol Parasol; it is 500 feet long and 60 feet tall. The system will have several residential and office suites and an archaeological museum open to visitors.

J Mayer H Architects

J Mayer H Architects

MAD Architects

The structure built by these architects is located in the suburbs of Toronto, and the skyscraper primarily contains residential apartments. The design language includes the connected balcony line, giving it a seamless design line. The overall exterior looks like a set of twisted towers exhibiting a modern and minimalist look. These are the few firms currently working and contributing significantly to creating beautiful skylines. The buildings and structures that these brilliant architects build become widely known landmarks for the city, and they will no longer need any introduction. These architects are also applying significant measures toward making these structures as eco-friendly as possible. Construction technology is getting advanced and is now adapting the techniques targeted more towards lowering carbon footprint and keepingthe pollution levels below the danger mark.