Plant These Herbs In Your Backyard Now: Best Way To Avoid Alzeihmer’s

Published on 06/01/2022

All of us are aware that nature has the best tools for us to keep healthy and going. Numerous health concerns come with the best cure from a range of plants. These natural elements aren’t super hard to find, and there are high chances that you might already have them in your pantry. There are numerous studies and research material available that you can go through and find the scientific reasons backing up the cures. Various illnesses are pretty common, yet there is no cure for them. All we can do is put some measures to control the decline, and in this blog, we will discuss a few highly efficient plants that you must have in your backyard. Our cognitive abilities are empathetic, and certain factors have the potential to impair them for an extended period. Among various other ones, Alzheimer’s is the one that remains to be highly progressive, and this neurodegenerative disorder ends in making our behavior inappropriate and loss of memory. Now, without any further adieu, let’s dive in.

Plant These Herbs In Your Backyard Now Best Way To Avoid Alzeihmers

Plant These Herbs In Your Backyard Now. Best Way To Avoid Alzeihmers



If you have some knowledge of Ayurveda, you must have known that turmeric comes with significant importance. This spice will have the specific ingredient that has the best anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It is called curcumin. These two properties will contain the best results that will significantly improve overall health. It will specifically help the brain in clearing the protein fragment called beta-amyloid.

Ginkgo Biloba

The herb is widely used in the treatment of dementia, and it has its origins in China. In its home country, the herb holds traditional high value. Its high efficiency is that it helps with better blood circulation that eventually takes oxygen and other vital elements to the innermost parts. There are scientific proofs that back up the curing properties of the herb.


The study published a decade ago revealed the significant properties of this herb. It works with the beta-amyloid that is present in our brain. Not just the brain health, the herb has proven itself to be quite a sound healer in terms of overall health along with working precisely with immunity. Certain studies suggest the primary factor behind the Alzheimer’s is oxidative stress, and this herb works precisely with that.

Lemon Balm

Among all the ones mentioned above, the lemon balm commonly consumed is in tea form. For most people, it’s the best way to deal with anxiety and insomnia. There are also certain studies showcasing the positive impacts on the person’s cognitive abilities. Along with it, we would also recommend planting Gotu Kola for its leaves. It contains multiple properties that directly impact mental clarity.

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm

Are These Spices Good For Your Brain?

Whether you are curing brain health or any other health condition, you must never totally rely on natural remedies. There is no denying that these herbs and spices contain several medicinal properties, and the effects are also proven by science. There are high chances of going through several side effects if you end up consuming without any guidance. For instance, the Gotu Kola that we have mentioned here can be responsible for damaging your liver functionality. The high consumption of Ginseng will cause disorder in the blood pressure. A study published after thorough research on Ayurvedic supplements claimed that around 20% of these products contain heavy metal particles.